Tombstone BratWORST Pizza: A SnackTAYku Review

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I have finally decided to put down in words my thoughts about the many random gimmicky food and drink things that I consume. For my first post I’ll let you know about the Tombstone Limited Edition Bratwurst Pizza.


I’ve had this in my freezer for a few weeks now, waiting for the right time to eat it, seeing as my wife would have nothing to do with it. And after eating the whole thing, I don’t blame her. “Premium bratwurst, green peppers, onions, real Wisconsin cheddar & mozzarella cheeses, and our tomato sauce with spicy brown mustard.” Upon my first bite, I noticed the immediate clash between the tomato sauce and the spicy mustard. I don’t think that mustard is a bad idea for a bratwurst pizza, but mustard mixed with pizza sauce…not so much. Too many acidic flavors at once, and there just wasn’t enough mustard flavor to begin with. Additionally, while the bratwurst was appropriately thinly sliced, it was a little gamey and really didn’t have much flavor identity.
In closing, I would give the Bratza (awful name, I know) a 3.5 out of 10.

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